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NetZero is primed to become a leading clean-tech asset developer maximising profitability by using its closed loop cluster model built on open ledger smart contracts.

NetZero has several high value projects in the pipeline and is ready to scale these up to achieve maximum asset potential within its eco-green portfolio.

Unlike virtually all other crypto currencies the NETZ ICO will be an Asset based currency and the proceeds from the ICO will be

directly deployed into shovel ready, risk mitigated Power Plant Assets within Clean Tech/Waste to Energy and therefore start to generate both ongoing dividends and a x4 multiple in Asset Value increase per project from its build out cost.

This will create a hard asset backed increase in the value of the NETZ Currency and the price of the NETZ currency will therefore increase as new projects are launched, creating an even stronger asset value base.

The environmental issues that threaten the world today will have a significant impact on our future.

The decisions we make today influence the ultimate outcome.

That is the driving ethos behind our investment strategies that has led us to develop our cluster model of synergised clean tech solutions

Net Zero Enterprises has developed a proven strategy that not only maximizes utility of Cleantech solutions, it creates new streams of revenue, minimizes risk and generates profitable returns to their shareholders. NZE has created a Cluster Model that focuses on integrating multiple technologies within a closed-loop system. By bringing several sustainable technologies together in one physical location, the Net Zero Cluster Model aims to produce greater efficiencies with less risk. This is a more sustainable approach to proven modern technologies such as vertical farming, solar fields, waste to energy, and water treatment.

Within the clean technology space, cluster models represent a grouping of businesses, technologies, or resources that flow from one to another in a synergistic, sustainable manner. These groupings are physically located together to facilitate the movement of resources from one technology to another in a cyclic relationship, converting by product into a consumable resource to power a facility. In short, NZE has the technology in place that not only enables multiple Cleantech Solutions to continuously power one another, but works in a synergistic manner in which the output is much greater than the sum of the input. This process creates a net zero carbon impact on the environment while generating a significant positive financial return.

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Starts 2018-01-15

Ends 2018-04-15

Token Sale

Starts 2018-04-15

Ends 2018-07-15

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Kim Forssell
Chairman & CEO


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