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Monaize is the first ever truely decentralized ICO. We will be conducting the sale with the largest atomic swap in history, selling our tokens using this method through the innovative Komodo Platform.

Monaize is a European e-banking platform that provides a mobile-first current account for freelancers and small businesses. Using the latest technology, Monaize is the first platform to provide an instant KYB (Know Your Business) on-boarding process allowing users to create a business current account in less than five minutes with a smartphone.

More than just a current account, Monaize is a platform into which an extensive range of third party services will be integrated including professional insurance, innovative payment solutions, cryptocurrency wallets, crowd lending and factoring; empowering entrepreneurs to focus on their business.

Monaize will be expanding its services to the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Malaysia in the coming years.


We provide a working product and are doing a dICO so that we may expand our business.


Our service is currently in closed beta and will be released Q4 of 2017. Expansion into the UK is also scheduled for Q4 2017.

- Download the free Monaize App, available on the AppStore and Google Play.

- Open your business account in just a few minutes. Your Monaize Business Mastercard is dispatched in under 5 days.



-A UK OR FRENCH IBAN NUMBER (More coming as we expand)



Our product:

- Quick and simple account opening

- Business current account with a UK IBAN

- Monaize Business Mastercard

- iOS / Android mobile app


- Payments within the SEPA region

- Transfers within the SEPA region

- Withdrawls within the SEPA region

In purchasing Monaize tokens, those who hold them will recieve monthly rewards through an automated API based on montly account sign-ups redeemable in KMD. 

The first 6 hours of the sale is only with KMD (Komodo) and then at 6PM GMT on November 10th 2017 it will open to BTC as well. Only BTC and KMD will be accepted. 

If buying with KMD participants will get a 20% bonus, and after the first 6 hours with KMD and BTC it will drop to 15% - Further bonus periods are outlined in our whitepaper.

Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

Ends Unknown

Token Sale

Starts 2017-11-10

Ends 2017-12-09


7 img team vincent bis 2
Vincent Rajoo
4 img team robert
Robert Miller
Blockchain Innovation Strategist & Head of UK Division
1 img team guillaume
Guillaume Derivery
CTO & Co-Founder
3 img team etienne
Etienne Théodore
Android Software Developer
3 img team etienne
Etienne Théodore
Android Software Developer
6 img team trecy
Trécy Azerot
UI Mobile Designer & Graphic Designer
5 img team manon
Manon Lavergne
Growth Manager
2 img team florian
Florian Greiner
Back End Developer
James Barwick-Snell
Community Manager


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