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MOBU is a Security Token Issuance Protocol and Licensed Security Token Exchange.

MOBU offers a marketplace/ecosystem for vetted STO service providers to faciliatate the release of compliant security tokens for STO issuers. MOBU offers a security token issuance protocol to facilitate the release of compliant security tokens on the blockchain. Real businesses wishing to raise capital by issuing security tokens will build their STO’s on the MOBU platform. MOBU creates an abstract smart contract from which all STO’s will be extended. The MOBU abstract smart contract will contain the code that is required by the STOs to conform to the MOBU ERC20 platform and the MOB20 standard protocol to adapt to the ideas and requirements of MOBU. A regulatory friendly token is the only way to allow institutional money to enter the blockchain and a user-friendly platform for trusted STO`s is the only way to allow non-tech businessmen to participate in the blockchain.
MOBU implements a unique MOB20 standard protocol to ensure the protection of both investors and ICO issuers. By this offering MOBU creates a competitive STO services pricing environment which complies with SEC and all regulations including KYC and AML. Apart from offering a security token issuance protocol, MOBU will also own an equity stake in a licensed operational stock exchange to ensure the liquidity of investors’ funds. MOBU will be the sole broker for all security tokens. The attainment of an equity stake in a stock exchange is a great break-through and achievement for MOBU and is perceived as a significant value-added benefit to the investor. The stock exchange listing fees are half of the fees of the Johannes Stock Exchange (JSE) with very low listing requirements. Local as well as global listings are granted. MOBU successfully accumulated a large network of partners in the finance and crypto space who will play a key role in bootstrapping the exchange, ensuring liquidity in the market.
The MOBU token powers both the issuance platform and the exchange. STO issuers using the MOB20 protocol will receive discount on listing fees on the exchange and investors paying in MOBU tokens will receive discount on trading fees.

By introducing unique escrow services to STO`s, investors are able to exit the STO after the crowdsale on a pro-rata basis if the STO issuers do not adhere to their roadmap or goals. A “lockup” utility to MOBU tokens creates a scarcity of supply in the market and increases the demand and intrinsic value of the MOBU token. Lockups can be used by investors to determine the intrinsic value of the MOBU token. MOBU also have initiatives planned for future development namely:

Initiative 1:

MOBU will develop the first forex and crypto percentage allocation money management (PAMM) STO on MOBU’s platform and retain 20% of the authorised tokens to ensure that MOBU increases in value and that more resources are put into place to develop MOBU to its full potential. Blockchain was developed to prove data is real and this will be the first forex STO that we are aware of. Blockchain Forex Managers will not be able to be dishonest about performance figures, management fees and assets under management anymore. This will ensure lower administration fees for investors.

Initiative 2:

MOBU will develop a DECENTRALISED regulatory approved security token exchange for MOBU tokens. This will give all investors the guarantee that all MOBU STO`s can be listed on an exchange and liquidity will be ensured.

Initiative 3:

MOBU will develop the first crowdfarming STO on MOBU’s platform and will retain 20% of the authorised tokens to ensure that MOBU increases in value and that more resources are put into place to develop MOBU to its full potential. The blockchain is used for information that needs to be exposed. We will effectively provide detailed information and statistics about land around the globe to the blockchain with technology like combined with the latest drone technology to assure efficient farming and transparent information.




Pre Sale

Starts 2018-09-01

Ends 2018-09-30

Token Sale

Starts 2019-02-01

Ends 2019-04-30

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Juan engelbrecht
Juan Engelbrecht
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Paul Pelser
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Ettiene Pretorius
Business Developer
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Frikkie van Biljon
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June Engelbrecht
Business Analyst
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Braam Kruger
PR & Marketing
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Petri van Zyl
Legal Advisor
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Izak Viljjoen
Legal Advisor
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Brian Golding


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