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MNODE is a zero-fee, close-ended, tokenized Masternode fund that provides investors with diversified exposure to passive coin income. A Masternode provides key services to a blockchain for which it receives block rewards. However, Masternodes are often inaccessible to the average retail investor, as they require large initial capital investments and technical knowledge. The Masternode Fund is a new type of investment vehicle: by purchasing the Masternode Fund Token (MASTER), investors are entitled to receive passive income obtained from a balanced portfolio of selected blockchain technology projects. It leverages Masternodes, a state-of-the-art blockchain technology which offers numerous benefits to its parent blockchain including transaction privacy, instant transactions, and efficient governance. More precisely, the fund will leverage its expertise in blockchain technologies to overcome the technical difficulty in setting up, running, and monitoring these masternodes. The fund can fulfill the collateral minimum requirement of Masternode coins that an individual could not afford alone. The investment in Masternode coins will rely extensively on data analytics and financial engineering to maximize ROIs with a stable token price. Uniquely, the fund has zero management fee and zero performance fee, whereby all costs are covered by collecting a fraction of the block rewards.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-10-01

Ends 2018-11-01

Token Sale

Starts Unknown

Ends Unknown


1   thanh do
Thanh Do
Co-Founder & CEO
2   yann quelenn
Yann Quelenn
Co-Founder & CIO
3   danny christ
Danny Christ
Head of Partnership
4   khoa tran
Khoa Tran
Head of Engineering
5   vinh nguyen
Vinh Nguyen
Head of Product
6   anh le
Anh Le
Head of Marketing
7   ninh dang
Ninh Dang
Back-end Lead
8   quoc nguyen
Quoc Nguyen
Front-end Lead
9   tony le
Tony Le
Design Lead
10   duc hoang
Duc Hoang
Full-stack Engineer
11   tiep doan
Tiep Doan
Mobile Engineer
12   steven tran
Steven Tran
Blockchain Engineer
13   nguyen truong
Nguyen Truong
Front-end Engineer
14   anh le engineer
Anh Le
Back-end Engineer
15   thao le
Thao Le
UI/UX & Graphic Designer
16   alevtina
Alevtina Dubovitskaya
Blockchain Researcher
17   iliya zaki
Iliya Zaki
Community Manager
18   dr. damien ackerer
Damien Ackerer
Financer Advisor
19   bowen wang
Bowen Wang
Business Advisor
20   hantao jia
Hantao Jia
Product Advisor
21   harsh jani
Harsh Jani
Partnership Advisor
22   zoe seccull
Zoe Secculi
Growth Advisor


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