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The World-First SmartPhone-Only Mining

Blockchain Technology + Distributed Computing Technology

Low-Power Mining Platform for High-Scalability 

MIB stands for Mobile Integrated Blockchain. Our Blockchain Network is based on SmartPhone device which is the most widely used device with unlimited functionality as it is called the Mobile-PC.

Anyone can download MIB APP on their SmartPhone to start Mining and exchange their Mined MIB Coin. The Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform (MSXBP) enables various payments and transactions on Mobile Environment. 

MIB Mining no longer requires CPU, GPU, or ASIC and any other costly mining equipment.

MIB Distributed Mobile Blockchain System provides High-Efficiency Blockchain Network on Low-Cost. Existing Cryptocurrencies have been highlighted socially and economically while their excessive energy consumption has been growing into a social problem. 

None of other Cryptocurrencies have brought a solution to the problem despite the evident side effect that the future of Cryptocurrency will have to face. 

Now we have brought solutions and results to this problem that no one has tried before through the development of our Mobile Mining type Coin, MIB.

MIB will have Blockchain Research Lab and develop top-tier Blockchain Technology and real-life & business related Cryptocurrency to lead the development of Blockchain Ecosystem.

Also, the first MIB Blockchain based Token, DONOCLE will be presented as well as preparing other various Tokens including Big-Data based Cancer-Treatment-Information Utility Token and Hydrogen Vehicle Operating System Utility Token. MIB will support numerous Tokens to expand the ecosystem and strengthen its structure.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-03-19

Ends 2018-03-27

Token Sale

Starts 2018-07-20

Ends 2018-08-10

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Jaden Park
Co-CEO, Co-Founder
Profile 01
Tracy JI
Co-CEO, Co-Founder
Profile 07
SangShin Park
COO, Co-Founder
Profile 02
Michael Kim
CTO, Co-Founder
Profile 20
David Han
Profile 21
HyunSook Park
Co-Founder,Public Relation
Profile 04
Kyungsook Ahn
Developer, Co-Founder
Profile 08
TaeHyeung Kim
Profile 09
Attila Buzdor
Profile 03
Jongho Park
Technical Advisor
Profile 29
Matthew Pyun
Profile 22
Yung Joo Han
Legal advisor
Profile 25
HwaYul Yoo
Legal advisor
Profile 27
In Beom Na
Certified Public Accountant, Advisor
Profile 30
Funding Advisor


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