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Earn tokens while reading, watching and sharing content you love. MEDIA Protocol turns content into Smart URLs that brands and publishers can load up with tokens. When you read or watch your favorite content, you get paid!

MPT is used to bring clarity to the flow of value around a piece on content. By using blockchain, this value can be distributed to those who add value, and amplify content to others.

The project will benefit consumers with a transparent economy around content that you interact with, exchanging your interactions for frictionless access to better content and incentivising industry actors to create better content by giving them access to user data. Brands will also benefit by activating networks that users care about for effective content distribution. Furthermore, brands will gain understanding of how to create more engaging content and finally become a trusted partner in a content ecosystem, where you partner with tribes and audiences you care about.

Media Protocol hopes to disrupt the current media landscape and its centralised nature. The emerging concept of media and blockchain is largely untapped and as a protocol we welcome other projects, helping to disrupt the status quo.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-03-17

Ends 2018-09-21

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-17

Ends 2018-09-21


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