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The MedAI network is a full service platform provider for telemedicine on the blockchain. Our platform, unlike any other, permits and supports the transfer, transmission, storage, interpretation, second opinion, and evaluation by artificial intelligence on medical image across all subtherapeutic areas and medical specialties. Our focus is towards the development, implementation and distribution of Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning technology on the blockchain, but realize that servicing a singular vertical or ignoring the infrastructure of medical imaging prevents widespread adoption of the technology. The MedAI focus is the platform enabling the full service of imaging technology on the blockchain.


With the decentralization of diagnostic services there is an opportunity and a true need for a new kind of telemedicine platform - one which focuses on trust, speed, and cost-efficiencies for patients. The current systems are slow, inefficient and expensive for patients and providers. Blockchain technology provides a highly secure, decentralized framework for sharing medical images. Smart contracts enable us to run automated computer programs to enforce the validity of those medical images and provide an audit trail with no third-party intermediary involved. The power of the blockchain also lets us add application services on top of the underlying architecture to expand and grow into new and novel markets as technologies develop to serve patients.


The use of blockchain for medical records provides significant security benefits that can serve to reduce data breaches as well as aid in sharing health care records between providers and patients. By employing the blockchain for medical data storage, MedAI does not store the data in a single location. The blockchain keeps data in an encrypted ledger, which is distributed across redundant, replicated and synchronized databases. The decentralization of the data ensures security.  With blockchain, each data block in the chain is encrypted via public cryptography which is unlocked with the use of private keys or password which are held by the patient in the MedAI network. 


With the explosive growth in imaging across multiple disciplines including Radiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Pathology, there is a growing need for more quantitative parameters in the care of the patient. These methodologies in some segments are approaching the limits of human interpretation. The need for man-machine symbiosis is growing as an initial phase with a long term evolution to complete computer based evaluation. The benefits of computer based interpretation as both an adjunct to the human evaluation as well as for more quantitative tasks is significant. With both a reduction in error rate as well as the introduction of novel findings not humanly possible. 


The MedAI Network is a revolutionary platform that is combining two transformative technologies to medical imaging across multiple therapeutic areas. By combining the benefits of the blockchain, smart contracts and artificial intelligence,  we are empowering patients and enhancing workflows for patients and providers. This increase in efficiency, access, quality and technology serves to provide both better care to patients and ease of use to providers, but importantly  reduces costs and providing better care.  

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