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The world's first decentralised autonomous marketplace allowing everyone everywhere the ability to buy, sell or advertise anything 

unrestricted and uncensored with privacy, encryption and deniability built-in

Sell Anything Buy Anything Advertise Anything on Ethereum

Allowing you the ability to buy, sell or advertise anything on the ethereum blockchain unrestricted and uncensored with privacy, encryption and deniability built in.

Escrow Enabled

Safeguarding both buyer and seller, all funds transacted using escrow are kept in trust by the blockchain.


Autonomously running itself. The self-controlled and self-sustaining nature of the world's first decentralised autonomous marketplace entity ensures that listings can never be censored, changed or de-listed by any party once posted. 

Self Sustaining

Incentivised eco-system ensures the platform's economic viability. 100% of LIST and ETH used for platform fees and charges are automatically redistributed back to current LIST coin holders on a pro-rata basis every quarter which guarantees the self-sustaining nature of the platform.

Zero Downtime

Fully decentralised throughout the peer-to-peer network ensures continuous up-time even when individual nodes go offline.

Seizure Resistant

marketLIST is resistant against any form of seizure or shut down. Residing as an autonomous entity on the ethereum blockchain it will remain available and operational for all time.

DDoS Resistant

Running on Ethereum, Swarm and Whisper with their fully decentralised peer-to-peer networks make marketLIST completely impervious against any form of DDoS attack.

Censorship Resistant

Cannot be taken down and all data is stored throughout the blockchain without any vulnerable central hubs. 

With no overseeing administration, the ability to censor and restrict what is bought or sold does not exist.

User Rated

Buyers and sellers can rate each other allowing others to make decisions based on reputation.


LIST coin holders are the shareholders of marketLIST and as such all receive The Dividend. The Dividend is a quarterly return pro-rata of 100% of all profits taken as payment for fees and charges. With The Dividend payment of all profits are distributed back to the current LIST coin holders.

Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

Ends Unknown

Token Sale

Starts 2018-04-21

Ends 2018-06-21


David gildea founder  ceo
David Gildea
Bryan jackson cmo
Bryan Jackson
Suart crawford coo
Stuart Crawford
Fergus ivor coder
Fergus Ivor
Solidity Developer
Sara jane coville coder
Sara Jane Coville
Solidity Developer
Jim edlington coder
Jim Edlington
Integration Developer
Simon leung coder
Simon Leung
UI Developer


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