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While the number of video content providers is exponentially growing, monetization opportunities for them are emerging only very slowly. YouTubers, gaming streamers, online instructors, remote diagnostic experts and other content providers are all looking for ways to make money from their talents and businesses. Incumbent providers are expensive and can swallow up to 50% of profits. Also, the “sharing economy” has started to reshape our world and introduced the concept of the democratisation of the internet. We have built the foundations of our platform on this concept.

The scandal swirling around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has begun to usher in a new era for everyone, and started to focus minds on the vitally important matters of security and privacy.

The industry is currently dominated by huge forces that are non-responsive to user needs and expectations. An undercurrent of content creator irritation and unrest exists beneath the surface. Conditions are ripe for a sea change, triggered by a problem market participants are experiencing.

An innovative, flexible and inexpensive technology is needed right now to serve content providers better – and more importantly – more safely.

LivePod is a live video broadcasting and video chat platform. LivePod is built on a P2P lean video transmission technology, and will do this without expensive infrastructure. This is how it works in a nutshell: Continuous two-way video streams are directly distributed on our Capacity Donors’ decentralized networks as P2P data packets and are not broadcast by central servers.

Content creators can reach existing audiences through LivePod for only a small fraction of the typical fees and commissions, and will thus save 70% of the fees they typically have to fork out. LivePod opens the market for video content that otherwise would not see light of day. The LivePod P2P service makes live video chat and video streaming easy to monetize and will deliver significantly more money to the content creators. LivePod will be more than just a service or a platform: It will be an embeddable technology. As a platform it works like Javascript or Flash.

 Unlike the incumbent giants that profile you and tend to use your personal data for unwanted purposes – whether you like it or not –, LivePod guarantees unrivalled privacy and security. LivePod does not and cannot collect any of your data. We make sure your communications remain private, confidential and secure.

Our tokenized video platform will create a strong brand identity, ecosystem group cohesion and adherence. Tokens will give special bonuses to holders. Tokens will allow creators to better monetize their talents, and will create higher quality video contents for users. Importantly, the platform will be open for everyone and the services will not be limited to the crypto community.


Right from the start, LivePod’s focus will be on being attractive to gaming content creators, to provide them irresistible motivation to switch platforms.

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