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The crypto community has been plagued by opa ue and unprincipled exchanges. Improving and strengthening these fundamental links within the community must be front and center.

With cryptocurrencies emerging as a legitimate asset class, nancial institutions are working on entering this growing market, but they currently lack the tools to make large investments that remain in line with their security and transparency needs.mWithin this context, Legolas Exchange is committed to creating a trustworthy, demonstrably fair and bank-backed premium protocol where traders and investors, small and large, can transact without doubting the integrity and robustness of the platform or its order management system.

Legolas Exchange’s protocol incorporates a decentralized ledger within its proprietary centralized platform in order to neutralize front-running, guarantee the inalterability, temporality and transparency of the order book, and ensure a fair trading environment. Led by an experienced team of nanciers and successful entrepreneurs, Legolas Exchange has partnered with global brokerage rm Makor Capital. Makor operates a broker dealer business trading under 2 brand names, Makor Securities London Limited, regulated by the FCA, and Oscar Gruss and Son Inc, regulated by FINRA and the NFA. Makor will provide Legolas Exchange customers with custody of their deposits at major banks, and access to hundreds of nancial institutions already onboarded.

Legolas Exchange aspires to become the reference in terms of security and compliance for all crypto exchanges.

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Fr%c3%a9d%c3%a9ric montagnon
Frederic Montagnon
Julien romanetto
Julien Romanetto
Ouziel slama
Ouziel Slama
Yaacov akiba slama
Yaacov Akiba Slama
Principal Architect
Fr%c3%a9d%c3%a9ric martin
Frederic Martin
Security Architect
Abdelmajid oulfakir
Abdelmajid Oulfakir
Lead developer
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Roei Erez
Lead Mobile Developer
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Yohan Guez
Product Owner
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Noam Cochin
Marketing Manager


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