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Ledgerium Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger that can record financial transactions between parties efficiently in a verifiable and permanent way. This allows the participants to verify and audit transactions instantly and inexpensively. 


Block Ledger, a company behind Ledgerium Blockchain, is bringing an e-invoicing and financial accounting reconciliation product named Luca+ to the marketplace, which leverages Ledgerium Blockchain to maintain audit trails and transparency. 


Ledgerium Blockchain is an Ethereum/Quorum based distributed digital ledger that will record public and private transactions between parties efficiently, in a verifiable and permanent way. 

Some of the features of Ledgerium Blockchain are

1. Distributed and decentralized

2. Immutable

3. Public and private transactions

4. High throughput

5. Scalable

6. High availability

7. Secured

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Starts 2019-11-04

Ends 2019-11-04

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Starts 2019-10-25

Ends Unknown


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