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The Language Network (LangNet) is developing a decentralized ecosystem for the voice recognition market, which is projected to reach $126.8B by 2023. Our mission is to create open infrastructure that accelerates innovation, protects user privacy, and shares value equitably across the ecosystem’s key stakeholders. 

1. The platform enables users to take control of their voice data through biometric voice authentication.
By owning their voice data, users can control who has access to it and receive royalties in exchange for contributing their voice toward Language AI development.

2. Developers can crowdsource purpose-built datasets and AI models, which are necessary to build truly effective language AI applications. To date, such custom data have been too costly to obtain, and existing “NLP as a Service” platforms provide no access to the underlying data or models.

3. Research institutions, large enterprises, device manufacturers, and automobile companies such as LG and Daimler can use LangNet’s open source software to voice-enable their devices. LangNet’s software can augment a company’s existing voice solution with more data or be used to replace closed network providers such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The open nature of LangNet puts manufacturers back in control of their relationships with their users and allows them to tap into an open ecosystem of third party applications and services.

We have fully built speech recognition, intent detection and voice ID systems ready to deploy.
2 years of operational experience
3 internaly built language AI products 
Leading enterprise customers and partners 



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Starts 2018-05-07

Ends 2018-05-28

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Starts 2018-06-12

Ends 2018-06-30

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