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6 year company with established MVP built by trucking and logistics experts with decades of combined experience in the sector.

 Not a startup like other ICOs based only on ideas. We own a valuable U.S. patent that gives us exclusive rights to create a shipper to carrier direct platform. This eliminates the need for third party freight brokers that charge up to a 30% commission for their services. Who ultimately pays for this upcharge? YOU DO, in the form of higher prices. Imagine paying 30% less for everything!

The AXIS token is the key that fuels the LaneAxis engine. The token provides API access to enter the LaneAxis blockchain and access valuable and immutable data for business intelligence. It is also used as a means of accessing services and enabling transactions. The value of the AXIS token will continue to rise as it gains greater and greater adoption.

Supporting the LaneAxis blockchain project is safer than investing in crypto - especially during a down market like now. By purchasing LaneAxis tokens, supporters are backing a solid, established company that is already on a high-growth trajectory. AXIS tokens are at the heart of the LaneAxis project. By contrast, investing in the crypto market - as everyone knows - is very risky, especially considering how volatile the market is.  

(Driver Social Network App) With 90% of goods and products being delivered on a truck, the key to connecting shippers and manufacturers directly will be the birth of the AXIS Token Driver Social Network app. Globally connecting drivers to a single point of interaction will generate massive amounts of data and enable GPS-based load matching that can be utilized on a global scale. Drivers will utilize the AXIS token to access a long list of benefits and services.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-06-20

Ends 2018-09-20

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Starts 2018-09-21

Ends 2018-12-21


Rick burnett pic
Rick Burnett
LaneAxis Founder and CEO
Amarpreet singh
Amarpreet Singh
MBA - Senior Blockchain Engineer
Clint johnson
Clint Johnson
VP of Sales


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