Land Layby ICO

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Africa has never ending land disputes and massive dead capital whose solutions lies in blockchain land registries like Land LayBy Listing.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-09-01

Ends 2018-09-15

Token Sale

Starts 2018-10-01

Ends 2018-10-31

Introduction video


Founder 1 peter tole
Peter Tole
Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Founder 2 phyllis tole
Phyllis Tole
Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer
Team member 1 david njuguna
David Njuguna
Business Compliance Advisor
Team member 2 victor asoyo
Victor Asoyo
Business Advisor and Founding Director
Team member 3 lucy muthoni
Lucy Muthoni
Chief Quantitative Analyst
Team member 4 purushottam parashar
Purushottam Parashar
Chief Technology Officer
Team member 5 raymond kaniu
Raymond Kaniu
Chief Strategy Officer
Team member 6 pravin tambe
Pravin Tambe
Project Manager
Team member 7 vignesh iyer
Vignesh Iyer
Blockchain Architect
Team member 8 vijayta bhatt
Vijayta Bhatt
Lead Blockchain Developer
Team member 9 priyanka pareek
Priyanka Pareek
Blockchain Analyst
Team member 10 daniel kagwi
Daniel Kagwi
ICT Officer
Team member 11 eric kinyungu
Eric Kinyungu
Business Compliance & Development Advisor
Team member 12 gideon ng etich
Gideon Ng’etich
Blockchain Business Development Executive
Team member 13 janephoebe awuor
Janephoebe Awuor
Team member 14 lewis karanja
Lewis Karanja
Brand Manager
Team member 15 lucy maina
Lucy Maina
Team member 16 linda kilwake
Linda Kilwake
Customer Relationship Manager
Team member 17 maria ruchiu
Maria Ruchiu
Operations and Logistics Assistant
Team member 18 isaac dzakpata
Isaac Dzakpata
Chief Operations Officer
Team member 19 jeff opoku
Jeff Opoku
GIS Officer
Team member 20 richard otoo
Richard Otoo
Consulting Geologist at Flint Resources
Team member 21 sylvester se edzi
Sylvester Se-edzi
Sales & Marketing
Team member 22 victoria aidoo
Victoria Aidoo
Data Analyst
Team member 23 daniel kungu
Daniel Kungu
Fintech Consultant
Team member 24 kimani ndungu
Kimani Ndungu
Technology Consultant
Advisor 1 daisy munene
Daisy Munene
Advisor 2 david coleman
David Coleman
Advisor 3 bogdan fiedur
Bogdan Fiedur


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