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About Labrys

We are building a platform to radically change the way individuals and institutions invest in bonds. Built on Ethereum, the Labrys Platform will utilise the benefits of blockchain to forge the most efficient investment gateway to the global bond market. Through the tokenisation of bonds, we are able to eliminate middlemen, establishing a direct relationship between issuer and investor.

The Bond Market

A bond is a financial instrument issued by companies in order to borrow large amounts of capital. The bonds are purchased by investors to recieve regular interest payments higher than those traditionally offered by banks. The bond market is the world’s largest asset class, valued at over $217 Trillion USD in 2017. In comparison, the total value of the global stock market is only $76.3 Trillion USD and the total market capitalisation of all cryptocurrencies is merely $175 Billion USD. Labrys is excited about the potential to bring a substantial amount of this capital into the crypto ecosystem.

LAB Token Utility

Stake LAB Tokens - To gain ownership of a bond, user's must lock up their LAB tokens in a smart contract for the duration of their investment, thus reducing the circulating supply. By doing so, user's will be entitled to receive regular interest payments direct to their Labrys Wallet. Interest payments Interest Payments - will be paid directly to the Labrys Wallet in the form of LAB Tokens. As the total supply of tokens is fixed, these tokens will be bought on the open market, creating price support.


Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

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Token Sale

Starts 2018-01-30

Ends 2018-02-15


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