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JustHive set off on a mission to create a better social media landscape in 2015. The initial idea was to create better social feedback tools. Our idea was launched as a prototype in 2016 to select users, and then released to the App Store in January of 2017. The app was praised for its amazing features yet, we still didn’t feel we were solving the underlying issues within social networking platforms. The problem, it seemed, was only magnified by the tools we were providing. Adding functionality to give users better feedback was a great way to gather data for users, but it was not decreasing the amount of posts related to self-validation. The first version of the app had community-based features, however, they weren’t the focal point of the application and did not gain traction. We were trying to build a user interface that was familiar to users, and then trying to build the community features on top of it. We decided to strip the entire user interface and redesign the app from the ground up, this time focusing more on community! Rather than creating a post and sending it to all your friends, you would now have to post to a forum of your choosing, giving your posts more meaning and purpose. We give our users a blank canvas to create beautiful content and forums however they choose. This is done through our new content creation system. We believe that our system is unlike anything that currently is offered in the market today. A post is a collection of videos, images, texts, sounds, links, and other media. We call these media types, ‘Tiles’. Users can still choose the type of feedback they receive, and they can be added to each individual Tile We make forums simple and easy to use while giving users a better sense of space and community. We give you flexibility to express yourself better than any other platform so you receive better feedback and opinions. We even allow private groups so you can discuss important topics. It’s the best way to explore new spaces and content. 16 We have an amazing team of engineers working in Los Angeles who are committed to the mission. Armen Youssefian, the Founder and CEO of JustHive has worked diligently to create a development and marketing team that can redefine what it means to be on a social network.

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