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The Project

The “JetSet” mission is to make travel safer, easier, and more affordable for everyone around the world by removing the obsolete restrictions around modern-day travel. They are developing a private token marketplace and exchange that will help travelers find the best means and ways to enjoy a trip abroad or domestically - whether it is exchanging money, booking travel, or finding a hotel - all powered by blockchain technology. Advances in internet connectivity, travel-based businesses, and incredibly low ticket prices for international trips has spurred massive amounts in spending on international travel all over the globe. Tourism revenue is continuing to grow on average across the globe with millennials being one of the largest demographics driving that growth. However, despite the ease in which one can book a ticket, the convenience can end there. Traveling to developing countries that are turning into tourist hotspots also come with the inconveniences and headaches of unstable financial structures, lack of consistency in exchanging currency, and don’t always accept credit or debit cards as payment. JetSet is here to solve these problems. The fun and convenience of traveling shouldn’t end at booking a ticket and boarding a plane. Consumers and travelers should always have options at hand to make their trip more enjoyable, and JetSet is aiming to achieve that through their utility token and private marketplace. Through the use of Smart Contracts, the JetSet marketplace matches travelers with the services and needs while they’re abroad. This is achieved through multiple channels:

Fiat Withdrawal: Once a user has money in their JetSet account, they can withdraw it abroad through 3 means:

- Via a proprietary network of next-generation ATMs

- Via a proprietary network of Point-of-sale systems

- Approved and verified private vendors

Mobile Apps: Users can access the JetSet network via:

- iOS and Android mobile apps

- Desktop web-based GUI

- At the JetSet ATM terminal which will act as an information hub for the city, they are currently visiting

The JetSet ecosystem will help improve the travel experience abroad exponentially by giving the choice of what to do and how to do it back to the traveler. No longer will they need to worry about high fees and commissions of existing currency exchanges and traveler-unfriendly credit or debit cards. It will allow small businesses to attract more business by not having to be locked into high-cost payment processing that’s enforced through heavily centralized and monopolized financial institutions while also giving entrepreneurs the chance to act as private vendors, giving them a foundation to start their own business. The JetSet ATM and POS systems will add a further layer of utility and security to travel by reinventing the way these machines are used. Often obsolete in their own development, the ATM can do so much more than its basic purpose. The JetSet ATM will do much more than simply dispense cash. It will not only allow on-demand access to the JetSet network while abroad but also provide helpful information to travelers. It will also be a physical bridge between the virtual world of cryptocurrency and the JetSet network and the real world of the traveler and their trip.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-06-20

Ends 2018-07-20

Token Sale

Starts 2018-08-10

Ends 2018-09-10


Amar Bhakta
CEO & Co-Founder
Tiaan Wolmarans
COO & Co-Founder
Marco 1
Marco Cannon
CTO & Co-Founder


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