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InnovaMinex is an innovative business model that uses blockchain technology to guarantee the traceability of precious metals. By applying a set of procedures, it is possible to certify the whole process, from its origin in the mines, to the commercialization of metals and the ingress of their products from them to the end consumer. Commercialization and sale of metals is done through our e-commerce, partner stores and our own ATMs.

InnovaMinex will give buyers the opportunity to verify the origin of the metal that they acquired. Buyer will be able to obtain assurances that the extraction of metal is legal, that the environment has been protected by all, and that it can not be used for money laundering. All transactions across the system are registered and the whole community has access to them. Our ultimate goal is to get the best possible price for our clients and for our community, with emphasis being placed on the transparency and safety of all transactions conducted.

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Starts 2018-11-26

Ends 2019-01-26


Fernando garcia
Fernando García Sanz
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Rafael enr%c3%adquez
Rafael Enríquez
CINO (Chief Innovation Officer)
Paco de benito
Paco De Benito
CCO (Chief Communication Officer)
Francisco montero
Francisco Montero
CSO (Chief Strategic Officer)
Julio p%c3%a9rez tom%c3%a9
Julio Pérez-Tomé
CMO (Marketing Officer)
Ignacio naveilhan
Ignacio Naveilhan
Full-Stack Developer
Jaime valero
Jaime Valero
CAO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Jaime krahe
Jaime Krahe
Trade Manager
Ra%c3%bal berlanga
Raúl Berlanga
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Richard o rourke
Richard O'Rourke
U.K. Market Representative
David olaya
David Olaya
CLO (Chief Legal Officer)
Vincenzo giorgioni
Vincenzo Giorgioni
Head of institutional relations
David olaya
Iván García
CIO (Information Director)
Manuel del palacio
Manuel del Palacio
DPD (Data Protection Director)
Andreas oti nilsson
Andreas Oti Nilsson
Market Analyst
Rafa p%c3%a1ez
Rafa Páez
Brand Manager
Kate bublik
Kate Bublik
Marketing Advisor resizeimage 2
Mohammed Alsehli
Blockchain Advisor


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