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Quickest way to get into the exclusive presales of the most promising ICOs. Guaranteed best discounts to our token holders.

The ICNQ token is a premium club access token. With this token you can be sure to participate in the ICOs of the escorted companies and get the biggest discount available during the ICO. As a rule, this is 15-30%. This means that owning 1% of all ICNQ tokens entitles you to buy 1% of issued startup tokens. In addition, you will receive up to 30% discount on the issue price. So you get with ICNQ a guaranteed participation at maximum discount. The tokens of the startups are not only available exclusively to ICNQ token holders, they only get the best conditions.

When and where to get it?

After the ICO, the ICNQ token will be listed on regulated exchanges. Iconiq Lab follows the highest level of KYC and AML regulations.

During the ICO, 15 million tokens will be issued. The tokens are ERC-20 tokens, the minimum investment is 1 ether. 

The ICNQ presale will begin on Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 15:00 CET. The presale will sell 750,000 ICNQ tokens for a targeted fundraise of €500,000. This is a 50% BONUS on the nominal value of the public sale!

The ICNQ public sale will begin on Sunday April 15, 2018 at 15:00 CET. The public sale will sell 3,000,000 ICNQ tokens for a targeted fundraise of €3,000,000!

Iconiq Lab has already completed a $1,000,000 private presale of the ICNQ token in a funding round led by TaaS, the next generation closed-end fund active in developing the blockchain ecosystem.

Future of the ICNQ token

One year lockup for team and advisors– to reduce the volatility

The value of an ICNQ stands and falls with the successful selection of startups and the effectiveness of the support offered. If the approach proves to be successful, the tokens of the selected startups achieve above-average returns. This will increase interest in future ICOs. The participation guarantee and discount offered will also increase the demand for ICNQ tokens. If selection does not have a positive impact on the performance of these tokens, demand will be more robust. However, even in this case, ICQN will retain value through the guaranteed maximum discount on the ICO.



Pre Sale

Starts 2018-03-31

Ends 2018-04-15

Token Sale

Starts 2018-04-15

Ends 2018-05-30


ICNQ token sale has no bounties.


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