HydroMiner H3O Pre-sale ICO

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HydroMiner is a pioneer in the field of green cryptocurrency mining, utilizing hydropower from small to medium sized hydropowerstations. HydroMiner has already two stations up and running in Austria. The H3O Security Token will be the first security token with a capital market prospectus according to European financial law and is a completely new model in the way investors will be able to profit from the mining process. Join the Pre-Sale of the H3O Security Token, starting May 29th, 9:00am UTC!

The H3O token belongs to a new class of tokens, it will be neither a utility token nor a voucher, but a security token based on a participation right (Genussrecht) for which we are in the process of creating a capital market prospectus according to the European capital markets law. The participation right will grant token holders a share in the profits and losses and the company value of Hydrominer. The special feature of the H3O token will be the possibility to participate in Hydrominer’s growth in value. There will be the option for dividend payments to token holders and a tag-along right will be implemented. If the shareholders sell their shares of the company, (up to) 80 % of the profits will go to the H3O token holders. The next step after the H3O token sale is to convert the H3O tokens into tokenized shares when Hydrominer is listed at a stock exchange. Currently, the team looks at the AIM (a segment of the London Stock Exchange). Then, H3O token holders will become real shareholders with all rights (at a discount to the IPO price). The basic thought behind this token is to create an instrument similar to a share that enables shareholders and H3O token holders to be aligned in their interests from the start. Token holder as well as the team are striving towards the most profitable sustainable mining operation. With the capital raised in the H3O token sale, Hydrominer will be able to position itself at the forefront of the green crypto mining business through expanding significantly, investing into hardware improvements to maximize the output of the hardware and through adopting Hydrominer’s proprietary cooling solution. We will see in the near future a wave of security tokens coming to the market, because these tokens reduce the risk of the investors and grant them rights that they don’t have with utility tokens or vouchers.

Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

Ends Unknown

Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-29

Ends 2018-07-31


Nadine damblon
Nadine Damblon
Founder, CEO
Michael marcovici
Michael Marcovici
Davies guttmann
Davies Guttmann
Christian vogl
Christian Vogl
Nicole damblon
Nicole Damblon
Alex 30 1 300x200
Alexander Azmann
Helmut schindlwick
Helmut Schindlwick
Volunteering Technical Consultant
Sebastian kastner
Sebastian Kastner
Bini guttmann
Benjamin Guttmann
Project Manager
Karl maurer
Karl Maurer
Axel ferro
Axel Ferro
Graphic Design
Enrico jacono
Enrico Jacono
Graphic Design
Michele roscelli
Michele Roscelli
Whatsapp image 2018 04 10 at 3.39.42 pm 300x202
Andreas Achleitner
Operations Engineer
Alexander  300x202
Alexander Valtingojer
Smart Contract Developer
Florian  300x202
Florian Pircher
Smart Contract Developer
Demelza hayes
Demelza Hayes
Harald steinbichler
Harald Steinbichler
Oliver voelkel
Dr. Oliver Völkel LL.M.
Legal Advisor
Nunn 1 300x202
Phillip Nunn
Shkilev 1 300x202
Nikolay Shkilev
Nikitin 1 300x202
Vladimir Nikitin
Kellee bergendahl 300x202
Kellee Bergendahl
Financial Advisor
Jeff dillman 1 300x202
Jeff Dillman
Financial Advisor
Anuj khanna 1 300x202
Anuj Khanna
John holland
John Holland
Financial Advisor
Arthur stadler
Arthur Stadler
Legal Advisor
Nn 5250 bearbeitet 1 1 300x202
Bryan Hollmann
Legal Advisor
Sascha 1 300x202
Dr. Christian S. Dennstedt
Troy 1 300x202
Troy Linforth
Security Advisor
Christian daimer 1 300x202
Christian Daimer


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Lydia Oduada gave this ICO a 4 / 5

Am rating this ICO 4/5 because I may not be a member of it's community but the ICO details are simple and easy to understand. A lot ICO's are on I don't think I have seen any that bothers on security. That alone caught my interest.

Aswin Basanunggu gave this ICO a 4 / 5