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HydroCoin will be the first cryptocurrency for the blockchain community empowering the hydrogen industry. It enables the blockchain community to participate on hydrogen technologies. It will be an unique way to invest in companies, projects and new technologies for hydrogen production. It is the first cryptocurrency coin to build a new decentralized system of clean energy production. Hydrocoin is the first token that is more than a tradeble crypto-currency: it is also a certificate for clean renewable fuels, and a currency to purchase clean fuels at certified stations.

Abstract: We design and create HydroCoin to be the currency for the hydrogen age. It will ensure that future clean technology will be used with clean fuel only, without the need for the use of fossil energy. HydroCoin will be the first currency that enables the owners to decide what technologies will be supported by the community. When products appear from such technologies (i.e. gas, hydrogen, electricity etc.) the owners of HydroCoin will be able to buy energy-products from all supported technologies using HydroCoin as a currency. So this currency and its market price will reflect the current development-phase of clean energy, and the availability of clean fuel.

For Technology providers the HydroCoin will be a way to become certified as a clean – future – technology by the community. Companies that are providing clean technologies can buy HydroCoin to collect votes, and participate in new clean technologies.

For Energy providers the acceptance of HydroCoin as a valid currency for their products will give benefit from the community as a clean-fuel provider that is certified by the community.

For Users the HydroCoin will be a valid currency for clean energy. Using this coin counts as a vote for clean energy. First products that can be purchased using HydroCoin will appear in the year 2020. The coin can be traded on many platforms. HydroCoin will use the ERC20 – technology and can be stored in almost every Ethereum-compatible wallet after the ICO-period is finished.

For the world, HydroCoin is a big chance to turn the traffic from combustion-engines using fossil fuel, to electric engines using clean fuel.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-01-01

Ends 2018-03-31

Token Sale

Starts 2018-04-01

Ends 2018-09-30

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Heiko Schumann
Ekrem Ertuerk
Charalampos Karakousis
Technical Advisor
Nathan Christian
ICO Advisor
Andy Gerhard
Antonios Katanas
Ralf Kutsche
Advisor Information Quality
Aris Fraggos
Financial Advisor
Victor Martin
Head of Blockchain Research and Development
Tyler Sanford
ICO advisor
Rick Tapia
Blockchain and ICO Consultant
James Long
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Lydia Oduada gave this ICO a 5 / 5

The idea is good, I wish the team good luck with this project.