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The purpose of the HostCoin token is to make purchasing of domain and hosting services more efficient. The whole Hosting services/platform will be tokenized. Webmaster and domineers will be able to perform numerous transactions on the platform much faster, more secure and cheaper than before.

Our рlаn is to build thе premier “next generation” hosting and domain ѕеrvісе оn the blockchain, while also providing normal options like SSL and email. We at HostCoin feel that it is time for this technology to be brought to the hosting industry as is happening in the financial and other tech service industries. Blockchain hosting will have a higher level of security. We fully intend to compete with the larger hosting and domain service providers in the industry by replacing old technology with the future technology of using the blockchain. (A good comparison is when the DVD replaced VHS tapes or when CDs replaced cassette tapes).

ADVANTAGES OF BUILDING HOSTING ON THE BLOCKCHAIN: 1. More secure SSL. 2. Faster server times. 3. Reinvents the domain. 4. Instant domain transfer to another hosting server on the blockchain. 5. Peer to peer network. 6. Control over your data, i.e., it is not given in the hands of central administrators. 7. Centralized web protocols have a single point of failure, hence insecure.

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