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Earn money while playing a video game: Hash Rush unites the worlds of cryptocurrency and real-time strategy gaming.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-09-12

Ends 2018-09-20

Token Sale

Starts 2018-09-21

Ends 2018-10-20


Kris vaivods
Kris Vaivods
Co-Founder & CEO
Nathan ziedonis
Nathan Ziedonis
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Archie cans
Archie Cans
Executive Producer
Craig ritchie
Craig Ritchie
Director of Marketing
Jethro naude
Jethro Naude
CFO & Game Economist
Rudolph doskins
Rudolph Doskins
Game Producer
Laura petkevica
Laura Petkevica
HR Manager
Matthew chuen
Matthew Chuen
Online Marketing Manager
Laura dombrovsky
Laura Dombrovsky
Finance Specialist
Oskars berzins
Oskars Berzins
Junior Game Designer
Dendy dhamier
Dendy Dhamier
Concept Artist
Nicholas ng hanyang
Nicholas Ng Hanyang
Concept Artist
Dita burve
Dita Burve
Office Manager
Tenzin chiodak
Tenzin Chiodak
Community Manager
Yoshikazu osada
Yoshikazu Osada
Japanese Community Manager


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