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2018 marks a milestone for the cannabis ecosystem as legalization becomes widespread throughout North America.  The expansion of the market will be followed by a boom of cannabis-related businesses.  As the industry still faces scrutiny and lack of open infrastructure, many of these companies will not be able to engage in mass distribution and achieve vast growth.  GrowPayment will fill this gap by developing a blockchain supported cannabis marketplace to access global reach and leverage cryptocurrency to fiat money

How it works

The Green Market acts as a multi-vendor marketplace such as Amazon or Alibaba with a direct focus on marijuana-related products.  The platform allows for B2B / B2C as well as peer-to-peer transactions through our blockchain supported payment processor.  This means users can pay and receive in either cryptocurrency or fiat money as they desire.  The marketplace insight solution will allow businesses to obtain live POS and market data for business analytics and market research.

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