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Global Tech is a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform, which not only allows users to trade cryptocurrency, but also ensures that their experience is profitable and straightforward. The trading and exchange platform is supported by artificial intelligence as well as a customer support team. The project will include fund management options, a virtual trading platform and an ICO watchlist updated by industry professionals. Separate from this platform are a industry news website, education platform and social media network, which are designed to educate and bring the crypto community together. The Global Tech coin will be available to be traded on this platform, as well as offer benefits to the user for holding, and we will offer incentives for holding the coin over a longer period of time.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-08-15

Ends 2018-09-11

Token Sale

Starts 2018-09-12

Ends 2018-12-10


Andrew mclean
Andrew McLean
Marlon donaire
Marlon Donaire
Ben kirwood
Ben Kirwood
Chief Technology Officer
Louis cronin
Louis Cronin
AI & Blockchain Expert
Madeline guerrini
Madeline Guerrini
Business & Operations Manager
David nguyen
David Nguyen
Chief Operations Officer
Amy puckett
Amy Puckett
Risk & Compliance Manager
Liqian you
Liqian You
Digital Interaction Designer
Fruzsina gal
Fruzsina Gal
Editor & Marketing Assistant
Lucie dupont
Lucie Dupont
French Liason
Lauren paris
Lauren Paris
Peter khoury
Peter Khoury
Head of Legal
Max perks
Max Perks
Lead Designer


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