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Global ICO Fund - The Future of Investing

Our Crowdfunding stage is now open!

The Global ICO Fund is a way to diversify your risk and gain more exposure to the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. The fund is specialised in ICOs and blockchain related companies and aims to invest and help develop the most prominent start-ups in the crypto market.

In contrast to many other ICO's, the Global ICO fund has a very low annual management fee of 1,5%. Together with that and the full transparency of explanations why we invest in every specific company, it is the perfect way to increase your grasp and also learn from the Swedish investor Andreas Hurtig.

Global ICO Fund wants to position themselves as a modern day patron; on the one hand seeking out reliable, resourceful and promising ICOs, while at the same time acting as an intermediary for those interested parties who have the innovative sense, but not the individual expertise, to enter this challenging yet promising new cryptocurrency market. Together with a strong team, Global ICO Fund will spearhead an operation that defines business success in terms of a collaborative, co-creational and commercially viable effort.

In addition to the investments in ICOs, the fund also plans to keep some exposure to cryptocurrencies. The fund distribution has been preliminarily set with the following percentages: 60% on ICOs, 20% on cryptocurrencies, 13% reserved for alternative blockchain investments, and 7% saved in cash reserves.

Allocation of funds

By applying the expertise of the fund, together with the input of the token holders, Global ICO Fund will locate and furthermore advise the most promising companies in the blockchain sphere. The fund will be a way to expose oneself to the world of ICOs and cryptocurrencies, of which we have just seen the beginning.

The fund is meant for the larger public as our maximum buy-in is set to 8,33 ETH. This takes away any possibilities of a selected few owning and influencing the fund.

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Token Sale

Starts 2018-02-01

Ends 2018-03-02

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Andreas Hurtig
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Karl Güllo
Business Development
Indrek mini
Indrek Reilson
Fund Manager
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Ian Sandholm
Head of Innovation


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