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The Gizer platform is a global gaming network that connects the entire gaming community - Gamers, Hosts, Services, Venues and Businesses. Gizer creates a wide array of opportunities for these parties through tournament hosting and discovery, service and product listings, and brand sponsorships found directly on the platform. To help gamers best leverage the platform, the GZR token will take advantage of the latest advances in blockchain technology to allow for transparent, seamless UX integration across multiple gaming platforms. Gamers can use the tokens to gain access to their Gizer Global Gaming Identity, or GG ID, by holding any amount of GZR in their wallet. The GG ID is a profile created on Gizer, which can be accessed by any game developers who adopt Gizer’s technology through the use of Gizer API’s and Oracles. GG ID will consist of three parts: a customizable avatar, gamertag, and gaming statistics. GZR represents an unlockable profile item in an “unknown” state. The user can unlock tokens at any time, resulting in a randomized profile item being unlocked that can be applied to a gamer’s avatar. The rarity and type of the item unlocked is completely random and decided only after the user decides to unlock it. A secondary use of GZR tokens will be to pay for commissions or other fees on the Gizer platform. Users can collect items to power up and customize their avatars to gain prestige within the gaming community. Once certain sets of items are collected, the user is rewarded with exclusive items, rank boosts, and badges specific to their accolades.

Pre Sale

Starts 2017-10-20

Ends 2017-10-30

Token Sale

Starts 2017-11-15

Ends 2017-11-30

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Gabe pic
Gabe Steinberg
Platform Development
Jack lamir
Jack Lamir
Jonathan pic
Jonathan Kerstein
Business Development
Akhmad Khoirudin
UI/UX Designer
Abel  1
Ábel Czupor
Saad Malik
Security and Backend Development
Felix pic
Felix Dragoi
Data Modeling


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BOUNTY CAMPAIGN Bitcointalk 2,778,000 Tokens Go to details


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