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GIG9 is a decentralised self-regulated ecosystem, powered by blockchain-based smart contracts, which directly connects local service providers and service users in your own communities.

The GIG9 token, called 9Coin, offers a revolutionary and pioneering new cryptocurrency token model, based on real services provided by freelance workers participating in the rapidly expanding $2 trillion global gig economy.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-05

Ends 2018-05-30

Token Sale

Starts 2018-06-01

Ends 2018-07-15

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Misha Malik
Founder & CEO
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Malik Ali
Fintech Consultant
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Frederik Metz
Technical & Smart Contracts
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Denis Muraviev
Internet of Things (IOT) - Consultant
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Cedric Loyens
Investor Relations
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David Jaquete
Crowd Funding Consultant
8ef8dd29c141b2c74ac8dad349dfb031 1
Ily Maisanda
Regtech & Compliance
8effc077896ce97271c94b1ce36ea329 1
Sebastian Louwaege
Business Strategy
905092a4f77e1639246f2ce8f3484652 2
John Fisher
Chief Strategic Officer
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Qaisar Nawaz
Chief Information Security Officer
1a37a521c820c18aa8620c4cefb6081b 1
Vitor Lourenço
Marketing Strategy
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Jimmy Lee
Blockchain Developer
Aafb523daaad9545fae78fb638cab243 2
Erin Pacoma
Marketing & PR
5cabbe649f8e677f1710aa9c808ccfe8 1
Michal Zofaj
Financial Analyst
06277986dbcf03f9b82cf5aed40861f3 1
Mujeeb Shariq
AI & Machine Learning
6f6498b8d3bde919e6a6edcaf9cb8c43 1
Sayf Cam
Linguistic Expert
Bb8d7623e31bbcb80d7cde1fdf046b7c 1
Maia Sidamonidze
1761e72a4875c78ecdf59a3a4baaae5f 1
Robbert Walstra
ICO Legal Counsel
065d357473b4d3f7955ec4230d580802 1
Sheikh Mohammed Irfan
Blockchain Advisor


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