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GAUS Trade is the first blockchain based platform designed to purchase new vehicles at discounts up to 30%. The implementation of the GAUS Trade infrastructure allows excluding a number of intermediaries from the chain between the automaker to the buyer.

Today, a vehicle purchase often requires an advance payment done by the buyer under a guarantee in the form of a contract. The related costs increase due to the existence of a long chain of intermediaries between the manufacturer and the buyer.

In addition, many retailers lack working capital for gray market vehicle procurements, but are prepared to provide the best services possible along with low prices, while avoiding expensive bank loans.

The GAUS platform makes a vehicle purchase or a service payment possible at a significantly lower price compared to existing prices, guarantees transaction security for full or partial payments, as well as the timely and quality level delivery of the purchased goods and services. In turn, the manufacturer or service provider, receives a new potential client pool and a guarantee of timely payments.

By using standardized smart contracts, GAUS provides a convenient and secure invoicing mechanism.

The GAUS token builds the foundation for an infrastructure beneficial for all participants. Blockchain technology reduces transaction costs while making the platform transparent, open, and safe for all parties.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-07-23

Ends 2018-08-13

Token Sale

Starts 2018-09-04

Ends 2018-10-05


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Anna Gaus
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