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Today’s users have already used to make their choice via a uniform platform: it is very handy when you can find all facilities matching the required criteria at once, read reviews and see ratings. Thus, has become the global standard for choosing hotels, Uber—for calling taxi, and Yandex.Market is onwards and upwards on the Russian retail market. But if there is almost no alternative to choosing a hotel via or booking an apartment via Airbnb, in the catering industry there is no single solution yet. 

There is a great number of such marketplaces for restaurants which cover opening of new restaurants, provide ratings and reviews, and offer search filters and themed selections. But these portals are used mostly for information purposes: there you can only learn about a restaurant but not order from it. The lack of electronic menu for a good half of restaurants posted on such resources is a serious problem. When we choose a hotel, a hairdressing salon or any other good or service, we look at the price and it is one of key criteria of choice. But as for restaurants, everything is more complicated. There is no "fixed" price for the service (except for business lunches), therefore restaurant aggregators have chosen a model of an "average bill” of a catering facility based on a self-perception either of the portal’s editor or the catering facility itself. Many people are misled by indicating such “average bill” value as an actual cost which accounts personal preferences of a guest remains unclear. There is a market demand for an opportunity to calculate the cost of visiting of this or that restaurant from home and to decide whether you want to taste something from the suggested menu.


What is Gastery app about?

For guests of the restaurant it is:


-Reviews & rates for restaurants and dishes

-Crypto cash-back for using the app

-Useful tool for choosing the restaurant to spend time in

-Possibility of payments inside the app

-Possibility to pay the bill with help of cryptocurrency


For business it is:

-Powerful marketing tool to attract new customers

-Flexible loyalty & discount system in one application


-Possibility to learn more about guests' habits and behavior

-Downgrading costs

-Increasing incomes with help of AI recommendation system for guests

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Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-01

Ends 2018-11-22


Nikita vishnyakov
Nikita Vishnyakov
CEO / CO-founder
Ilya pankratov
Ilya Pankratov
CTO / CO-founder
Igor plotnikov
Igor Plotnikov
CSO / CO-founder
Pavel krishtopa
Pavel Krishtopa
Sales manager
Mohamed chetouane
Mohamed Chetouane
Kiruhina maria
Kiruhina Maria
UX/UI designer
Vadim chizhkov
Vadim Chizhkov
Blockchain Developer
Roman karimov
Roman Karimov
Strategic Advisor
Ilya orlov
Ilya Orlov
Advisor, CO-founder of TravelChain
Vladislav petlyuk
Vladislav Petlyuk
Advisor, Owner of CoffeeIn


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