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GameMarketToken : A Decentralized Platform for the Entire Crypto Gaming Community (New Cryptocurrency Token - Crypto Coin)


Many potential Game Developers have best knowledge and excellent ideas that can succeed in market but they can't implement their project due to the financial crisis. In conventional and traditional market, it's very hard for anyone to find investors even if they have an extra ordinary project.


On the other hand, there are many potential investors looking for the innovative new concepts to invest their extra spare money in order to get more returns on their investments. In 2017, Gaming Industry have crossed $120 billion bussiness and over 57,000 new games have been realsed during the year. Every day 2.5 billion people plays games on various devices. So, there is a huge market potential.


GameMarketToken is a Blockchain based decentralized network that simply communicates between Investors, Game Developers, Game players and Crypto Traders on a simple, Secure and efficient platform. It's unique & innovative gaming concept connects the both crypto and gaming communities on a more open and trustworthy platform.GameMarketToken Platform uses T4GM Tokens as a utility tokens to communicate between Game Developers, Investors, Crypto Traders and Gaming communities.

How it works?

1) Game Developers develop games and places their best potential projects on platform to receive financial support from investors. They advertise their ideas to get markets. Platform promotes potential game developers by finding investors, user acquisition and incentive program.

2) Investors invest in interesting projects of developer and receives utility tokens.GameMarketToken’s transparent technology uses Smart Contracts. So Investor’s can safely keep record of their investments.

3) Traders purchases tokens from crypto community and get benefits from crypto currency trading.

4) Game Players Play, Review, Like, Share, Comments and gets developer's reward tokens. They performs specific tasks to get more rewards and to buy some game items


Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

Ends Unknown

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-27

Ends 2018-04-26

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Anon user
Roy Miller
Anon user
Dmitry Arslanov
Chief Operational Officer
Anon user
Merolin Jhu
Chief Marketing Officer
Anon user
Murli Vishwanathan
Chief Financial Officer
Anon user
Ashley John
Head Financial Market
Anon user
Rogger Brington
Chief Technical Officer
Anon user
Natalia Kameron
Chief Legal Officer
Anon user
Crag Peterson
Head of Accounts and Audit
Anon user
Haresh Parmar
Design and Art Director
Anon user
Kevin George
Project Manager
Anon user
Angelina Marapova
Lead Analyst and Strategic Head
Anon user
Allex Brown
Community Manager
Anon user
Nana Li
Blockchain Technology Advisor
Anon user
Vladir Stokolov
Enterprise Solution Advisor
Anon user
Roman Methews
Legal Advisor
Anon user
Danil Rayson
Financial Advisor
Anon user
Kristina Sumota
PR and Maketing Advisor
Anon user
Aleksandrs Malins
Investment Advisor
Anon user
Venugopalan Aiyar
Development & Growth Advisor
Anon user
Stain Vladaskov
Analyst & Business Advisor
Anon user
Milan Dusker
Products and Services Advisor


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Nikita Brudnov gave this ICO a 3 / 5

Website design is a little bit poor + a lot of colors in design that confuse. No links on bitcointalk. No links on Linkedin accounts of the team. Activity is not good in Social media