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WHAT FTB PROVIDE: Connect world funds Through CWF technology, our clients will invest their money by purchasing the same amount of coins created by FTB. Digital coins will replicate exactly the trend of the traditional common funds, allowing the clients of FTB to benefit from the returns of the managed funds, without any typical commission cost of the common funds Crypto-funds investments Through cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies, we'll invest in new crypto-markets seeking to exploit the most the volatility of these markets. Moreover, even investing a small amount of money, it will be possible aiming for high returns. This way, even those who have no technical-financial knowledge can benefit from the same high earning opportunities. Cloud funds We offer the possibility to participate in Clouds Funds: common investment funds where are the same users to decide the operation to undertake and the markets where to operate, benefiting from the financial and economic knowledge of all the network. Each user can share his own idea in a dedicated forum: the one receiving more consensus (according to the participation share) will be implemented. About FTB Fincoin: FTB Fincoin is a digital asset, the total money offer amounts to 10 billion of tokens. Being possessors of our cryptocurrency means benefiting from several advantages: Being entitled to distribution of profits. opportunity to have an active role FTB development processes discretion on unlimited and simultaneous access to each of our three services offered.

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Starts 2017-10-01

Ends 2017-10-31


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Ivan Milan
Francesco virgilio
Francesco Virgilio
CFO & key Account
Luca de sandro
Luca De Sandro
Chief Operating Officer
Lorenzo camaione
Lorenzo Camaione
Schermata 2017 09 30 alle 04.19.11
Nicola Bellassai
5182a5 4b54c36f977d4eab9ec5fa1c76296c33 mv2
Gianpaolo Okesola
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