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FRAS COIN is a Blockchain & Start-Up Incubator which have self-sustainability (have its own routine income), offers lifetime benefits + CAR COIN* voucher to its members.  The FRAS COIN main income comes from the “Online-Taxi + car rental + driver recruitment” business, as an Official Uber, Grab and Gocar partner in Indonesia.

FRAS COIN is backed by official companies, backed by many assets within the transportation industry, we are also the only company which offers multi-protection, a wide variety of benefits and 24hour LIVE-surveillance to the public. The certificate of assets is kept indefinitely by the NXT Foundation in the Netherlands. FRAS COIN fully complies with government regulations and has been fully legalized and approved by the Indonesian government and many more.

As a self-sustainable incubator for start up+blockchains in Asia,  FRAS COIN can last indefinitely  and  will not exhaust funds from our members.  Members can suggest ideas, which then get voted by the community, and if enough votes are received, the constantly expanding of developers team at Frasindo will make it happen by appointing a project leader. We will then provide all business needs, regular funding, legality, and, shared-offices. It will then be acquisitioned as a subsidiary/Child-project of FRAS COIN, which makes this risk free, hassle free and doesn’t require any expertise by the original contributors. (The acquisitioned child-projects will add giveaway 10% of its coin along with its benefits to FRAS COIN Members).

Frasindo’s current progression is only the initial step towards the company’s vast expansion plan as stated by the roadmap. We see this as the best way to develop IT business without exhausting the community’s entrusted funding. The Community could enjoy the benefits without being involved in the ‘pump and dump’ culture. FRAS COIN is set to be released on a multitude of blockchain platforms. Frascoin is currently available on Ardor Ignis and Stellar.

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Starts 2018-02-15

Ends 2018-04-15

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