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Finnoq is a protocol for decentralized opinion markets, using wisdom of the crowd and rewarded human knowledge, to foster better decision-making. Today, opinion markets are controlled by resource-powerful actors spreading biased and incomplete information to society. Thus, Finnoq creates a future for collective opinion statements, allowing better decisions for all. The protocol is represented in three layers: the Finnoq Core Layer, Service Layer and Application Layer. On top of the Application layer, a diverse set of use cases have been identified for future development and partnership. Such could include: collective ratings, financial advice and evaluation, industry-specific market research, and idea generation for product development. The Finnoq protocol's ecosystem is fueled by the FNQ Token, indispensable for: participating in voting processes, transferring value within the ecosystem when rewards are distributed, and steering the direction of the protocol through decentralized governance. Whereas prediction markets have verifiable outcomes, the Finnoq protocol facilitates decentralized opinion markets when outcomes are unverifiable. Picture collective opinion statements from a decentralized global community, where each Advisor remains uninfluenced by others, receives rewards for giving the truthful and knowledgeable answers and is scored on performance over time. This collective result provides more robust and intuitive information, more insightful than the opinion of any one entity or person alone.

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Team florian sampling 2
Florian Kögl
CEO & Founder
Team georg  263x263 q85 subsampling 2
Georg Felber
COO & Founder
Team stefanubsampling 2
Stefan Thallner
Head of development
Smitpandit 263x263 q85 subject location 25 subsampling 2
Smit Pandit
Full stack developer
Marc Melchor
Full stack developer
Jean laurent wotton
Jean - Laurent Wotton
Head of marketing
Team philipbsampling 2
Philip Steiner
Marketing opertions
Team suzanaubsampling 2
Suzana Jaramaz
PR & Communication
Team estzer
Eszter Naghi
Team williamsubsampling 2
William Perlmutter
Correspondent / Analyst
Team alexander5 subsampling 2
Alexander Berger
Team patriciaubsampling 2
Patricia Wenigwieser
Head of HR
Martin  263x263 q85 subsampling 2
Martin Walch
Junior HR manager


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