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Introducing EXOcoin. innovation and revolution of digital currency with blockchain technology. Exocoin comes as an answer to all the desires of financial market participants. as a decentralized, autonomous decentralized cryptocurrency or policy and intimidation from any government and institution. Exocoin stands independently and can be used anywhere and anytime by exocoin users.

exocoin will be an answer to the global economic challenge that exocoin is present as a secure and convenient paying instrument with stable values and fluctuations. exocoin will help and assist bitcoin and ethereum in strengthening the role of cryptocurrency to be more trusted and widely used as a secure and independent global payment instrument.

exocoin builds all infrastructure especially supporters in the ecosystem in the foundation order and at the same time driving the economy and transactions from exocoin to users around the world

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-03-25

Ends 2018-03-27

Token Sale

Starts 2018-04-01

Ends 2018-04-06


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ian volarsky
Dev Team
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Vlad kurowsky
Dev team
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Mikael sjorgensen
Dev team
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Sergey ivanov
Dev team


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