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Ethic Hub is a transnational decentralised Crowd-Lending platform that directly connects investors from around the world with groups of small unbanked farmers which are selected by a Local Node (project collector) based on their trust circles, democratising the access to financing and allowing money to have no borders.

These farmers do not have access to banking and due to the lack of private capital available in their geographical area, they must bid to get it, because the lenders have limited capital. This means that they offer to pay interest even higher than 120% per year in order to obtain the required financing. Their crops (like coffee) generate enough benefits though to cover it, even if their own profit gets reduced by a large quantity.

The Ethic hub platform offers them access to global funding from individual investors who will get very competitive interest rates of up to 15%, hence both parties profit from each other. Thus leaving a positive impact on the farmer`s side, as they can invest more money in the expansion of their agricultural businwss, renew machinery or simply dedicate more money to their families. 


We are the only platform that charges commissions only in case of success, that is, once the loan has been paid. We believe that no one should benefit from an unpaid loan. Unlike other platforms, our risk assessment is carried out by people who personally know the borrower (Ethic partner/project collector).

We believe in a world with equal access to opportunities and we want to contribute to make equal rights to every citizen of the world a reality. Correcting misallocation of global capital is our project’s main motivation, but also correcting many of the unfair aspects of the current financial system. Within our system, fees are conditioned to the real value of contributions. 

We are confident in the fundamentally disruptive nature of the Blockchain technology with respect to the current financial paradigm; and we want to be one of the principal contributors to this decentralisation process.

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Starts 2018-02-08

Ends 2018-03-09

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Starts 2018-02-08

Ends 2018-03-09

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Jori Armbruster


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