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High initial financing requirements at the beginning of projects can become one of the most insurmountable barriers to build renewable energy projects.

On the other hand, investors with the capital have created the demand to make more investments in renewable energy projects, but they can't find the investment channel.

EtainPower aims to solve the funding problems, ease of investment, and logistical challenges facing the global electric power system:

1.The EtainPower platform creates an effective new channel for global investors to access and invest in renewable energy projects. Not only will the platform provide searchable listings of projects, but EtainPower will conduct due diligence on each to ensure quality standards are met and inform investors on individual projects’ strengths and weaknesses. Project investors will no longer be limited to earning the at currency of the project’s location. They will instead receive energy tokens which they can either convert to the EtainPower token or use to purchase electricity or other services within the EtainPower ecosystem.

2.EtainPower will utilize AI technology to overcome logistical challenges for the power grid. This system will optimize renewable energy and enhance the elasticity of the power grid.

EtainPower’s blockchain-based solution will reform the traditional centralized electric power sector, connecting renewable energy producers, investors, consumers and power grid operators through a novel AI energy ecosystem.

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Starts 2018-11-01

Ends 2018-11-04

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Steven Dong
Fei Wang
Tom Kosnik, Ph.D
Strategic Advisor
Tony Hu, Ph.D
Strategic Advisor


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