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A better social network

empowr is a democratic social economy, currently in open alpha with 800,000 active test users who earn currency by selling or sharing physical or digital goods and services, posting and sharing content, and much more. Users self-govern by electing the company’s president, senators, and congresspersons.

The business model

Instead of focusing on addicting users to sell their eyeballs to corporations, the empowr community is uniquely enabling the “sharing of everything” IE: Not sharing your car or spare bedroom but millions of other products that go underutilized.

U.S. Patents and Inventions

Along the way, empowr invented hundreds of critical technologies, many of which are patented and used every day by billions of people, such as the ability for third party developers to launch applications (apps) in social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter apps); transactions within apps (such as buying a feature or virtual weapon within an app or game); virtual currency (such as what we’re seeing unfold today with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies); and transactions over mobile devices (such as what is monetizing most mobile apps).

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