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eKash is a brand new cryptocurrency with the following exciting features:
The account address is email. No more hex string. No more QR image. This is the first alt-coin that use email as identifier.
You can earn eKash reward after watch advertisement. This is the first platform that reward you after watching advertisement! The more ad you watch, the more coin you earn
The wallet has rich information: portal page, social network, GPS location, .... This builds trust and business.
You can create store tokens in one second. No need to write contract code. The store token can buy something in your store.

Why eKash?
There are thousands of crypto-currencies. Most of them are speculative. We don't know how to use it in our daily life.
We want to change that. We want something that we can use in our daily life.
Introducing eKash.
eKash has the following features:

  • eMail account address:
    In eKash, you can transfer/receive coins with your own email address. We don't use the hex address. We don't use QR code to decode your hex address.
    Just that simple. eMail address.
    This is a big step in cryptocurrency. Think about you are going to transfer 1 millions of ETH coins. I bet you will check the receiving address millions of times.
    With eKash, you just need to check the receiving email address, instead of the long hex ETH address.


  • Portal Page
    In traditional BTC and ETH, an address is just address. It cannot tell you more.
    You don't know who owns this account. You don't know his reputation. You don't know anything.
    eKash solves this problem.
    All eKash wallet can have a personal portal. You can add as much information as possible.
    You can manage your authentic portal well so other people have more confidence when they want to transfer money to you.
    This highly build trust.


  • Advertising Reward
    In traditional TV/Internet/other media, advertising fee is paid to the platform. The fee is not paid to watcher.
    This is not good for consumer. We consumers spend our time, but get nothing.
    eKash solves this problem.
    Advertiser can publish advertisements in eKash platform, but advertiser doesn't pay to eKash platform.
    Instead, advertiser pays fee to watcher.
    That means, if you watch any advertisement in eKash platform, you got paid!!!
    This is amazing. This is the first platform that advertising fee is paid to watcher.


  • Reward Points
    Many online business stores have their own reward points.
    In eKash, we support this.
    Any people can create any kind of reward point in one second. You don't have to learn programming language and write smart contract code.
    That's very simple.
    You can give your own reward point to anyone, and you decide how other people use these points between you both.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-01-01

Ends 2018-01-31

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-01

Ends 2018-04-30


Chun-Chieh Wang
Mark Lin
Team3 weiyu
Wei-Yu Chen
Product Marketing
Team4 yd
Kenneth Wang
Team5 ui
Agnes Chang
UI/UX Designer


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