Debitum Network ICO

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Borderless SME business financing. Leveraging Blockchain technology to secure and distribute fiat investments to the SME world. Decentralized, accessible, and fair.

Pre Sale

Starts 2017-12-07

Ends 2017-12-21

Token Sale

Starts 2018-01-25

Ends 2018-02-25


Martins liberts
Martins Liberts
Co-Founder / Visionary
Donatas juodelis
Donatas Juodelis
Co-Founder / Partner relations
Justas saltinis
Justas Saltinis
Co-Founder / Financing operations
Mazvydas mackevicius
Mazvydas Mackevicius
Technology lead / Blockchain technology expert
Monika varkalyte
Monika Varkalyte
Chief Marketing Officer


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Ivan Jelić gave this ICO a 5 / 5

I love their idea and the fact that they are already listed on few exchanges. They won the prize on d10 Conference Pitch competition, that I really respect. They also have partenered up with few respectful partners (Scoryfi and they are supported by Ministry of Economy of The Republic of Lithuania)