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Cryptyk is building the world’s most complete cyber security and storage platform.

For every dollar spent on cloud storage, 4 dollars is spent on cyber security. For every dollar spent on cyber security, 6 dollars is lost to cyber-crime. Current solutions are not effective and we are losing the battle against hackers.

Cryptyk’s new Hybrid Blockchain Technology integrates encrypted decentralized file storage with blockchain auditing and monitoring. This hybrid solution is passively immune to external, viral and operational security threats, and also allows network administrators to protect against potential internal and surveillance threats.

Cryptyk is the first complete cyber-security and cloud storage solution from a single vendor, and dramatically reduces the cost of cyber-security for all business and enterprise. It is less than half the cost of traditional multi-vendor security solutions and offers cloud storage significantly faster than blockchain options like Sia, Storj, and Filecoin.

At the heart of the Cryptyk platform is the Cryptyk Token (CTK), which drives an open-source cyber-security ecosystem consisting of 3rd party app developers, strategic enterprise customers, crypto-currency miners and investors. The Cryptyk Token is a true utility token that offers scalable benefits to all participants.

The prototype of the Cryptyk platform has been fully tested by over forty hackers and security experts. The Cryptyk ICO will fund the development of the platform into a full-featured market-ready release by Q2 2019.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-02-08

Ends 2018-03-23

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-28

Ends 2018-04-28


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Adam Weigold
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Raghu Kotha
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Dennis McMasters
Chief Architect
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Luke Lombe
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Mihkel Trink
Project Manager
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Daniel Floreani
Enterprise Solutions
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Indra Singhal
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Jen Peng


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