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Crypton is a tokenized venture capital fund investing in promising FinTech / Blockchain projects, and other cryptocurrencies / ICOs. For projects with tokenization features, we will provide additional financial acceleration by launching separate ICOs. Crypton token holders will receive 30% of digital assets (tokens) from the pool of each subsequent ICO which will be launched by Crypton fund. We help monetize interesting projects based on our strong investment and business experience. We want to provide full support for investors on still uncertain and unregulated market of Blockchain- based projects.

Experienced team

Professionals with strong experienced in IT and FinTech areas.

Investment experience

We have invested more than $150M in FinTech / MedTech projects.

Investment model

A new dimension of FinTech investment! Become a professional venture investor starting at only $1!

- Quarterly payment of dividends via buy-back of CRN tokens

- The right to vote on subsequent investment proposals

- Receipt of tokens from running ICOs for portfolio projects

- Access to exclusive Pre-ICOs with high discounts

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-03-29

Ends 2018-04-26

Token Sale

Starts 2018-04-27

Ends 2018-06-09

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Jacek nowak
Jacek Nowak
Marcin grzebyk
Marcin Grzebyk
Member of the Board / CTO
Dariusz kieda
Dariusz Kieda
Sales Director
Paulina bernas
Paulina Bernaś
Marketing&PR Director
Radoslaw waszczuk
Radosław Waszczuk
Senior Blockchain Developer / Head of Security
Jacek krysztofik
Jacek Krysztofik
Blockchain Developer
Tomasz jaksender
Tomasz Jaksender
Business Development Manager
Alesia medzintsava
Alesia Medzintsava
Business Development Manager
Grzegorz gidzinski
Grzegorz Gidziński
Project Manager
Mariusz slomski
Mariusz Słomski
Cryptocurrency Trader
Sebastian krol
Sebastian Król
Cryptocurrency Trader
Krzysztof drzyzga
Krzysztof Drzyzga
Member of the Board of Investors
Piotr warsicki
Piotr Warsicki
Member of the Board of Investors
Wladyslaw farafonow
Władysław Farafonow
Member of the Board of Investors


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