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CryptoBitcoin is a blockchain game where users collect and mine "CryptoBitcoins”.

CryptoBitcoins are  a collectible, decentralised, non-fungible set of tokens planned to be traded on an  internal marketplace using Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts to generate (mint) more unique CryptoBitcoins. There are 21 million unique collectible CryptoBitcoins, the same amount as real Bitcoins. However, no two CryptoBitcoins are exactly alike, and each one can be officially owned only by one person on the Ethereum blockchain.

The uniqueness of each CryptoBitcoin comes from its distinct visual appearance and inherent attributes (“alloys”) stored in the smart contract. Because CryptoBitcoins are tokens on a blockchain, they can be bought, sold, or transferred digitally. The various CryptoBitcoins can be treated as a “traditional collectible” that will be tracked on the blockchain.

Players can use  their collected CryptoBitcoins to create new coins and unlock rare alloys.  Two digital CrytoBitcoins can be mixed  together to create an entirely unique new collectable with its own “alloys attributes” and name. This aspect  is called “minting”.

The developers may give the community the chance to develop their own initial coins from the pool of 21 million before minting begins –  and the the creative options that will arise could be exciting (eg. Jedi, my little pony, anime, desserts, pop culture icons, and selfie coin designs to name a few). 

With 21 million different coins available the ability for collectors to generate interesting collectable coins by crossing them will be almost limitless

The CryptoBitcoin ICO and Token

Despite the 21 million coins only a small number of CryptoBitcoins will be distributed during the pre-ICO. The company plans to use the proceeds from the Pre-ICO and ICO to create the game and run a marketing campaign to sign up new traders/collectors/players. This should help to create extra liquidity and value for CryptoBitcoin holders  on the internal marketplace.  The development team believes that CryptoBitcoins are just the first among other potential digitized “collectable” assets that will be facilitated and transacted through the Ethereum blockchain.  CryptoBitcoins are based on the ERC-721 protocol which has huge potential for other digital collectibles and online games.

It is still early days for the CryptoBitcoin team with its Pre-ICO scheduled for February 2018 and its ICO scheduled for March 2018. Then a proposed platform launch with smart contract deployment in Q3 2018.  During Pre-ICO CryptoBitcoins will be priced at 0.01 ETH per 1 CryptoBitcoin.  No whitepaper is yet available for review but the CryptoBitcoin website has the most recent updates and developments posted.


In the digital world of cryptocurrencies the idea of digital collectibles is oddly compelling. CryptoBitcoin has potential to be an interesting platform with a mobile app for game play and trading. The CryptoBitcoins can be bought, sold or minted to create new CryptoBitcoins. With its unique Ethereum address only the user has ownership of their coins through private keys.   The concept is interesting and unique with enough novelty to attract digital collectors.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-02-28

Ends 2018-03-30

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-31

Ends 2018-04-30


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Andrey Sidorchuk
Blockchain Project Manager
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Michaela Devonport
Community Manager
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Denisa Hutmanova
Marketing Director


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