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Crypto Universe's focus is on giving users and token holders the best possible value-for-money proposition. We do not wish to re-invent the wheel, we wish to create a community of users, that not only will enjoy smooth transactions but will also be our partners in growth.

Crypto Universe will release 2 Tokens in Pre-ICO and ICO stage.

C-Coin is an ERC20 token, and the holders thereof will save 50% on Exchange fees and have 0% fees on Leveraged Trading. Apart from this, Crypto Universe offers a guaranteed buy-back option of 7.5% above the ICO sales price, if the C-Coin is held for 12 months. The buy-back is only available to C-coin buyers at the Pre-ICO stage.

The Cuniverse token is a dropped token, using a cloud based solution, which is secure and feature elliptical curve encryption, a decentralized public ledger system and is fully transportable. Each  Cuniverse will be accompanied by one ordinary share in Crypto Universe PTY (Ltd), therewith entitling the holder to a profit share in the exchange and trading platform. This is available at both Pre-ICO and ICO stage.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-05-15

Ends 2018-05-26

Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-27

Ends 2018-06-27


Anon user
Charl Van Staden
Business Development
Anon user
Jeandre Nieuwoudt
Design and Marketing
Anon user
Jaco De Witt
Ethics Advisor
Anon user
Morney Van Rensburg
Software Development
Anon user
Abdool Hadi Abdool Karrim
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Quintin Moorcroft


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