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The CryptoGaule (“CGL”) is the first independent French cryptocurrency and aims to become the preferred digital payment tool for the French-speaking public. The Crypto Gaule project has a very specific objective: to support the French and French-speaking public in the most important digital transition since the creation of the internet: generated by Blockchain technology. In this perspective Crypto Gaule will offer an educational platform, accessible to all, dealing with different topics related to this area, which remains still misunderstood today. A prepaid debit card that can be used in all French businesses will be developed to extend the reach and ease of use of CryptoGaule as a payment system. The CGL will also be exchangeable on platforms dedicated to cryptocurrency trading.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-03-01

Ends 2018-04-30

Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-01

Ends 2018-06-30

Introduction video


Joachim Lebrun
Jonathan Jedrasiak
CEO & co-founder
Damien Morales
CTO & co-founder
Julien Trottier
Managing Director & co-founder
Nicolas Lebrun
Bounty Manager
Hedi Martin
Sales Manager
Yann Sparfel
Lilly Blass
Customer Happiness manager


Bounty title Category Reward
Twitter Social up to 270 000 CGL Go to details
Facebook Social up to 180 000 CGL Go to details
Instagram Social up to 90 000 CGL Go to details
Signature & Avatar Social up to 360 000 CGL Go to details
Translation Any up to 180 000 CGL Go to details
Articles and videos Content creation up to 360 000 CGL Go to details
Telegram Social up to 54 000 CGL Go to details
Linkedin Social up to 90 000 CGL Go to details
Contest Competition up to 180 000 CGL Go to details
Outstanding projects Any up to 36 000 CGL per project Go to details


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