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Cryptfunder is a decentralized funding source for startup ICOs and blockchain companies. We will offer ICOs funding to kickstart their project, boost their security, get better servers, build a technology or any other related activity in exchange for pre-ICO tokens ICO.

Cryptfunder will intensively screen ICOs and select those with the greatest potential for success. We will then fund those ICOs in return for tokens at a discounted rate before they are publicly available, or receive a commission or other type of proceeds from their initial crowdsale. Cryptfunder as a funding source for ICOs will enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement that ensures collaboration and careful quality control. Our success will be contingent on the success of our clients, and we will strive for the highest standards of excellence to the benefit of CFND and to our token holders.

The early-funding stage can make or break an ICO, and the entire project along with it. Cryptfunder aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency ICO funding process, bringing more competition to the market and giving a voice to the projects that deserve it. We will filter the best ICOs and handpick those with the greatest potential for success, following the advice of our expert, hand-picked team. By giving these projects our full support, we position them for greatness at a crucial and early stage. Incentivized by our personal stake in the currency and our firm belief in the concept, team, and technology we are funding, we will set the stage for our client’s projects to reach their greatest possible market value.

Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

Ends Unknown

Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-25

Ends 2018-07-08

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1   kevin sarisky
Kevin Sarisky
2   robert laguna
Robert Laguna
3   michael hadzipanajotis
Micahel Hadzipanajotis
4   ronald aai
Ronald Aai
5   santosh singh
Santosh Singh
6   rahul bhatnagar
Rahul Bhatnagar
7   warren whitlock
Warren Whitlock
8   sumit kumar pradhan
Sumit Kumar Pradhan
Community Manager
9   conor maloney
Conor Maloney
10   legal   chris humphries
Chris Humphries
A   nathan christian
Nathan Christian
Business Dev. & Strategy Adviser
B   ismail malik
Ismail Malik
Marketing & PR Adviser
C   illia pashkov
Illia Pashkov
Blockchain / Full Stack Adviser
D   giannis stathopoulos
Giannis Stathapoulos
Exchange / Post ICO Adviser
E   brennan bennett
Brennan Bennett
Fintech Strategy Adviser
F   sean brizendine
Sean Brizendine
Security & Risk Adviser
G   debra mccann
Debra McCann
Social Media Adviser


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