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Crebit - Blockchain based Payment Ecosystem

Crebit is a decentralized payment processing ecosystem, built on blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency credit card

Your personal credit card, owned by you, loaded with cryptocurrency. Secured on the blockchain.

A Platform with Unlimited Potential

Crebit provides data I/O control(core) and interfaces(service) for 3rd party applications & services. On top of Crebit platform, all kinds of payment processing systems can be implemented. This new payment system with unprecedented possibility will bring a revolutionary movement in global, daily payments.

- Ethereum and bitcoin accepted

Bounty Program - Bitcointalk Signature Campaign

Let people know about Crebit project and help us make changes for the good of everyone!  We offer you a chance to get CBT!

If you participate and follow our guide, you will get CBT after the ICO is over. Participating in the Bounty program is very simple as follows.

1. Join Crebit website, and Register Username

2. Promote Crebit and ICO in BitcoinTalk!


1. Join Crebit website, and Register Username

To participate, you need to register your username on the Crebit website.




Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-21

Ends 2018-05-21

Token Sale

Starts 2018-04-21

Ends 2018-05-21


Crebit has no bounties.


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