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ComedyPlay is a decentralized platform for comedy content, with the specific intent to leverage the Ethereum blockchain by enabling and providing a blockchain-based online comedy content streaming experience.

ComedyPlay is a free, open, and distributed platform specifically created to support and empower comedy content creators to have a direct connection to their followers. The platform will be a one-stop, go-to space for a wide array of comedy content readily available to users worldwide.

Users of the platform will be granted access to the platform’s various features through a cryptocurrency called Comedycoin (CCP), a crypto-token which will be distributed and generated within the platform, opening a space for users to share, create, and enjoy original comedy content. Media formats available on the platform include texts, photos, audio, and videos which are based on comedic content from various popular and niche genres.

The platform offers a safe, secure, and reliable online media streaming platform wherein, unlike mainstream social platforms, readers and viewers, or potential users of ComedyPlay will not expose their personal data and private information to unauthorized and unfair use for profit through ad-targeting algorithms.

Instead of these quasi-monopolistic revenue models, the platform offers a decentralized way of earning in the platform through cryptocurrency by simply generating content. Users are rewarded with the platform’s cryptocurrency for producing original, engaging, and memorable content and ranking within the community through upvotes.

The ComedyPlay platform is designed for everyone who wants to enjoy comedy: from young kids to teens, and even to the young at heart.

Nowadays, people use social media for various purposes. Studies have shown, however, that despite the seeming gap between social media use and the branded content it serves, most of what is delivered in the mainstream platforms are comedic in character.

This only goes to show that a lot of people want access to comedy content. People simply want to laugh and share funny moments online.

ComedyPlay simplifies the social media experience and puts comedy as a priority for its users. Its platform will serve as a free and independent space for people to express share their sense of humor and creativity: from podcasts to trending short comedy videos or GIFs and photos, or even comedy films and TV series made by professional production houses.

With ComedyPlay, there is nothing to worrry about, everyone on the platform will just enjoy the quality comedy content, laugh out loud, and get good vibes with friends from around the world!

Once the platform opens for public registration, 100,000,000 CCP tokens will be created. No additional CCP tokens will be created or mined in the future. These CCP tokens will be allocated through the following distribution strategy:

70% goes directly to the user community for swaps

15% is allocated for the developer team & advisors

10% goes to the company’s reserve fund

3% is given for the platform’s bounty program

2% is reserved for the partnership pool

Further details about the requirements, maintenance, and dynamics of Comedycoin are discussed in the Terms & Conditions, which can be read at the official website and on the app upon registration.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-08-15

Ends 2018-09-15

Token Sale

Starts 2018-12-05

Ends 2019-01-15

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Elliot Adu-Brobbey
Mukesh Patel
Blockchain Developer
Riccardo Zanussi
Chief Software Architect
Vince Dioquino
Public Relations


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