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There is no doubt that blockchain is the technology that can transform the world. It can be as revolutionary as farming technologies which made gathering and hunting redundant and led us to the dawn of the human civilization. Blockchain can lead us to its heyday. First time in history, we have a real chance to forget about drudgery and survival and move to the world of prosperity and economic freedom.

However, despite having the powerful technology behind it, the success of cryptocurrencies has been limited by their lack of adoption and acceptance. Cryptocurrencies are perceived and used mainly as a speculative investment, while they should create a new economic set-up, which brings life changing opportunities to everyone.


Coinyspace is the platform created to make cryptocurrencies a tool which will help people earn decent wages, start their own business, receive better education, repay debt and solve other fundamental human problems.

To achieve this Coinyspace combines two revolutionary technologies - crypto and social media. It is the first platform that is focusing on the community building, as we believe this is the foundation that will elevate the universal acceptance of bitcoin and other digital currencies. The platform is designed to be a place where ideas can be shared, developers, merchants, and individuals can collaborate with one another, and lasting and productive connections can be forged.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-05-21

Ends 2018-06-08

Token Sale

Starts 2018-06-11

Ends 2018-07-31


Albert Akhsavarov
BD Lead
Murad Chupanov
Project Director
Mikhail Sytchev
Lead Developer
Sabir Azizkhanov
Operations Lead
Ismar Dzhon


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