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Clears is a fully customizable,  data-less KYC solution, that guarantees a business’s compliance  with local and international regulations.

By leveraging the power of the blockchain, Clears can conduct timely, legitimate, and inexpensive user verification, while maintaining the security and privacy of their sensitive data.

Clears stores a hashed copy of user's data inside the Ethereum blockchain while the data is kept secure inside a cold storage to remain available in case of an audit. No personal data will remain in our databases once the KYC is completed. This eliminates the fear of hacks, identity theft, as Clears only holds onto the recorded hashes to cross reference user ID’s when verifying.

In the case of audit by regulators, Clears can provides the original documentation by extracting the documents from the cold storage unit. Users can uses their Clears credentials on all KYC using Clears, giving them a private, secure and convenient experience in the world of cryptocurrencies.

CLEARS aims to be the standard KYC in the rapidly growing ICO market, expanding to serve all industries that require identity checks and KYC processing. CLEARS leverages the power of the blockchain to ensure every KYC is time-stamped inside the Ethereum ledger where data integrity is guaranteed.


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Starts 2018-04-09

Ends 2018-05-21

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Starts 2018-05-22

Ends 2018-07-09


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